Andrew Koussevitzky



Andrew is an associate attorney at Margolin & Lawrence, where he advises clients on local licensing and represents a wide range of clients in criminal defense and civil litigation. He is a member of the California, New York, and Florida State Bars. Within M&L’s regulatory practice, Andrew has been integral to the preparation of multiple license and permit applications for obtaining marijuana business licenses. Andrew provides legal advice regarding zoning, land use, business plans, security plans, insurance, site plans, live scan, fire & safety plans, and water & waste plans. He prides himself on his ability to develop strong relationships with his clients and advise them on the best strategies to take.

An extremely hands-on attorney, Andrew personally makes site visits to confirm that clients are in compliance. He attends numerous interviews with various California municipalities on behalf of Margolin and Lawrence clients. He also provides advice and counsel on corporate formation and the benefits, legality and drawbacks of different entity structures. Finally, Andrew provides advice and counsel to our clients on matters relating to trademark and intellectual property, as well as assisting them with trademark applications and registrations.

Andrew Koussevitzky is equally involved in the criminal defense practice at Margolin & Lawrence. Andrew appears in court daily, defending clients facing both misdemeanor and felony charges, as well as clients in asset forfeiture proceedings. Andrew negotiates with District Attorneys to secure lower convictions than charged or outright dismissals on a weekly basis, and has represented hundreds of clients in criminal court. He also makes monthly visits to consult with clients in jails regarding their cases. Andrew assists with the firm’s motion practice by drafting motions and briefs including but not limited to Penal Code §995 Motions, Penal Code §1385 Motions, Affirmative Defense Motions, Penal Code §1538.5 Motions to Suppress, and Research Memorandum regarding various topics in criminal defense law. Andrew also assists clients in post-conviction matters such as probation, proposition 64, and expungement hearings. Prior to Margolin & Lawrence, Andrew interned for the Ft. Lauderdale City Attorney’s Office. Upon graduation, Andrew worked as an associate at the offices of Felder and Associates in Miami, FL, where he handled cases in the areas of criminal law, entertainment law, and real estate law.

Andrew Koussevitzky is also an accomplished musician, and was formerly a Capitol Records artist prior to his career as an attorney. Andrew continues to play concerts and festivals throughout the country with his band Stellar Revival. Andrew grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and currently lives in Downtown, Los Angeles.


St. Thomas University School of Law

Juris Doctrate, Law


Pepperdine University School of Law

Negotiation and Arbitration

Nova Southeastern University

Bachelor of Science

Legal Studies


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