No Prison Time for Identity Theft Defendant

People v. PB (Burbank, 2013): The defendant had just been released on parole for a robbery case when he was charged in an identity theft case. He was allegedly found in possession of others’ profiles, including credit card numbers and social security information. He faced a minimum of 32 months in state prison, but Attorney Allison Margolin convinced the court…

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Fingerprints? Still No Strike for a Burglary

People v. YY (2013, Beverly Hills Court): A client was accused of stealing $2,000  from his friend’s room, and his fingerprints were allegedly found on the the window screen of the apartment. Allison Margolin persuaded the district attorney to dismiss the residential burglary strike charge and instead  allow the defendant to plead to a commercial burglary wobbler.

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Discovery Prevents a Strike in Burglary Case

People v. Sorority Burglar (LAX, 2013): Attorney David Poblete subpoenaed a tape of the interrogation of the defendant. Based on the discovery, he convinced the district attorney to drop the charge of a residential burglary that would have been strike. Instead the defendant received a wobbler commercial burglary non-strike. The terms of probation did not include custody.

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