Cannabis Corporate & Regulatory Law

Strategic legal advice for cannabis businesses on all aspects of the regulatory licensing application process, zoning requirements, and compliance with California state and local laws (including all 482 cities and 58 counties).

We are leaders in the space and after representing collectives for 10+ years in criminal defense cases including zoning, manufacturing and cultivation misdemeanor violations. We know the regulations inside and out.

Partners Allison Margolin and J. Raza Lawrence have practiced in Federal and state courts through the country and are also intimately familiar with the federal law prohibiting marijuana and the just developing body of law in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the recently released regulations from State and Local legislators.

Allison, our founding partner, has been practicing cannabis law since 2002. We advise clients on the regulatory frameworks and compliance regimes that are in place and will result from MCRSA, AUMA, and your local city and county regulations.

Client Services include:

  • Legal Advice re: zoning, land use, business plan, security plan, insurance coverage, site plan, live scan, water/waste plans.
  • Preparing you to present the strongest license and permit application possible
  • Ensuring you are complying as closely as possible with state and local requirements in order to obtain your license or permit
  • Representing clients through the municipal or county appeals process if your license application is rejected or incomplete
  • Advising on corporate formation and the benefits and drawbacks of different entity structures
  • Due diligence on suppliers, supply chain, distributors and validity of licenses or tax certificates
  • Developing robust compliance programs for adherence to state and local law
  • Counseling on state and local compliance regarding your contractual relationships including real estate, vendor agreements, and employment
  • Advising on best practices for state and local compliance with respect to product and employee safety, security, labor, contractual agreements, and ongoing regulatory requirements
  • Trademark and brand advising and support
  • Alternative dispute resolution including both arbitration and mediation
  • General advising on corporate issues: social media management, employee disputes, landlord/tenant, etc.

We are currently advising on the regulations, bans, and local ordinances across all 58 counties and 482 cities in California including:

SoCal: Los Angeles, Lynwood, Long Beach, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Louis Obispo.

NorCal: San Francisco, Alameda, Trinity, Humboldt, Marin, Mendocino, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Solano, and Napa.