Criminal Defense

Federal and State criminal defense on any and all criminal matters. An experienced and skilled defense attorney can make all the difference for you or your family member.

Our team is committed to handling each case with the care of the proverbial “federal case.” Our willingness to go to trial where appropriate, and history of success in trial, benefits not only those clients but also helps us obtain the best dispositions and settlements around, because the other side knows we are not afraid to “pull the trigger” (try a case) where the facts and/or defenses call for it. Collectively, we have completed dozens of trials often with the most favorable results possible for our clients.

We get those results also through our willingness to seek interlocutory writs in the courts of appeal even during cases, where that is the best recourse. We are focused on maintaining our client’s liberty in criminal cases, keeping their records as clean as possible and in civil cases, helping our clients really achieve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in whatever we can through the legal system.


We represent clients across all manner of criminal cases including:

-Violent Crime

-Drug Crime


-Sex Crimes

-Major Narcotics

-Strike offenses

-Domestic Violence


Allison has been practicing criminal defense since 2003 ( she was barred in December 2002)  and has handled a wide variety of cases including business and professions violations, tax crimes, heroin, Cocaine, MDMA and marijuana sales and transportation, as well as burglary, robbery, mayhem, assault with deadly weapon, assault weapons and drugs, criminal threats, credit card access theft, shoplifting, conspiracy, fraud, domestic violence, identity theft, child endangerment, manufacturing hash oil, arson, Dui cases, trespass, hit and run, murder, vehicular manslaughter, and school disciplinary issues. We also have represented many people with mental health and drug issues, and do cases as well in “veterans courts” throughout the state. Raza has been practicing with Allison since 2008 and handled cases with her side by side, as well as trademark transactional and trademark and civil litigation as well.