Upcoming Events

Allison is presenting at a CLE to other lawyers on 4/20 about the new cannabis regulations in California. Hosted by the Westside Bar Association. Free & open to the public.

Learn all the latest on California cannabis law. Complimentary event open to the public + 2 MCLE credits!


The presentation will include perspectives from all corners of California marijuana law, including:

(1) The financial complexities of marijuana law.
(2) The Los Angeles District Attorney’s stance on marijuana.
(3) Administrative aspects of operating a dispensary.
(4) Tests for intoxication and their evidentiary impact.

– Jonathan Garza Esq., LA City Attorney’s Office Prosecutor
– Sahar Ayinehsazian Esq., PayQuick
– Allison Margolin Esq., Margolin & Lawrence
– Alexa Steinberg Esq., Manzuri Law

This event is open to the public. However, it is a professional event and we expect all in attendance to act accordingly. As such, intoxicants are strictly forbidden during the seminar.

A reception will be held afterward for our members to mix and mingle. The event is worth 2 MCLE credits for all attorneys who participate in the full seminar.

Please RSVP by either (a) joining the Westside Bar Association Facebook Page or (b) joining the Westside Bar Association mailing list via www.WestsideBarAssociation.com.

 — with  Allison Margolin, Jonathan Garza, Alexa Steinberg, and Sahar Ayinehsazian.

Past Events

In honor of 420 and the release of the new MCRSA draft regulations, we are hosting an open house next week.

Email us today to schedule a consult on MMJ law with our experts – one day only – Thurs. 4/13


One day only. In honor of 420, Margolin & Lawrence is offering a legal consult on federal, state, and city/county law with one of our attorneys for $420.

Learn what the law actually is from attorneys familiar with the regulatory and criminal issues at play in Marijuana Law.

Email our office to schedule and buy your ticket: Margolin.lawrence@gmail.com

Bring all of your MMJ questions:

  • How and when will the new state regulations go into effect?
  • What is in the MCRSA draft regulations?
  • How do I apply for a City/County permit?
  • What is the current Federal Law on marijuana?
  • Is Marijuana legal in California?
  • How do I apply for a permit to open a marijuana dispensary?
  • What does Pre-ICO mean and does it still apply under Measure M?
  • Do I need to be a medical patient to grow marijuana?

*Special sale in celebration of the holiday.