Explosives Charges Reduced

People v WT (2009, Long Beach Court): The defendant was accused of manufacturing bombs at his house as well as possessing other illegal weapons. These charges carry heavy penalties, but our attorneys were able to obtain a probation sentence and wobblers for the client.

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Dismissal For Armed Possession for Sale

People v. Armed Meth (2005, Criminal Courts Building): Our client was on probation for selling meth when he was arrested  for armed possession of meth for sale and for being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm. He faced three years of state prison that had been suspended on the underlying probation case. The district attorney offered him five years…

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A Win For A Servicemember

People v. JI (2013, Orange County): Our client was an active member of the military, and he was charged with 20 counts of shooting a bb gun into cars. One count, where the car was occupied, was a felony, which meant he could be discharged from the military. David Pobelete convinced the OC District Attorney’s office to allow the client…

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