Category: Manufacturing Drugs (11379.6, H&S, 11367A, H&S)

Manufacturing Charge Pleas to Misdemeanor, Community Service


San Diego — When a client was accused of manufacturing hash oil and then made admissions to police, Margolin & Lawrence worked quickly to resolve her case for a misdemeanor with community service and unsupervised summary probation.

*Dates and details changed to protect client confidentiality.

Sassafras Oil Case Not Filed

Airport Court — The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) raided a client’s house after intercepting shipments to him of sassafras oil from Thailand. Federal agents seized a $50,000 vehicle and $30,000 in cash. The case was not filed and Margolin Lawrence recovered the cash and the car.

People v. 8 Containers of Wax

Van Nuys — Margolin Lawrence prevailed in a dismissal of a case against a client who working from his car and had a wax bong and approximately 8 containers of different strains of wax.