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Uber will give people whose felonies have been reduced to misdemeanors a chance to drive

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On Wednesday, the San Francisco company will announce an initiative that could help clear the path for convicted felons whose crimes are reduced to misdemeanors to drive for the ride-hailing platform.

The move could mean a sizable number of new drivers for Uber, a boon at a time when it is rapidly scaling up to meet huge demand and needs as many people behind the wheel as it can get. But it’s also a potential publicity headache for a company that has faced accusations of lax driver screening and reports of unsafe or inappropriate driver behavior.

Under Uber’s long-standing safety policies, drivers who have committed felonies are automatically disqualified from driving for the on-demand transportation company. But its background check process also rules out drivers who may qualify to drive under Proposition 47, a California ballot measure passed in 2014 that reclassifies certain felonies as misdemeanors.

Crimes that can be reclassified include personal use of illegal drugs, shoplifting, writing a bad check and receiving stolen property for which the value does not exceed $950.

The company said it will begin proactively notifying disqualified drivers about Proposition 47 so that if they choose, they can apply to have their cases reconsidered by the court.

Source: LA Times

Amicus brief filed for Noah Kleinman

Amicus brief filed for Noah Kleinman – by FIJA.

The Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) is a non-profit, nonpartisan, educational organization headquartered in Helena, Montana. Focusing on issues involving the role of the jury in our justice system, FIJA seeks to preserve the full function of the jury as the final arbiter in our courts of law by informing everyone about their rights, powers and responsibilities when serving as trial jurors. FIJA works to restore full knowledge of the function of the jury as the final check and balance on government.

127 Pounds of Marijuana Results in Probation with No Jail Time

Nebraska— Our client was allegedly in a vehicle containing 127 pounds of marijuana. Our client was charged with several felony charges in state court including possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. With our help, he was only convicted of simple drug possession charge with the sales-related charges dismissed and ultimately sentenced to probation with no jail time.

Case Dismissed on Potential Sex Offense Case

People v. I.N.C (2013 – Glendale, East LA)

Client was arrested for lewd conduct on two occasions, with potential for sex offender registration, and assault in another. Client has had long standing mental health issues and defense counsel declared a doubt as to his mental competency.  The three cases were suspended while he was evaluated by Los Angeles County Mental Health Court and was found to be incompetent and unlikely to gain competency. As a result, all three cases were dismissed.

Client Receives Misdemeanor After Police Find 18 Pounds of Marijuana in Car

People v. K (2011)

In Fresno, CA, Client was pulled over by police officers. Upon searching the vehicle police officers found 18 pounds of marijuana. Client was released on bail. While on bail, the Fresno District Attorney’s Office was alerted to his arrest in Northern California for trafficking marijuana. Intervention by Margolin Lawrence led to the dismissal of the Northern California Case. In addition, Client was also suspected of mailing marijuana out of state via the US Postal Service. Margolin Lawrence successfully negotiated a plea agreement with the Fresno District Attorney’s Office for Client to plead to a misdemeanor which can be expunged upon completion of his probation period.


Court Suppress Evidence, Finding That Dispensary Was Lawfully Operating

People v. L.C. 

Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department raided a local Van Nuys dispensary for possessing marijuana for sale. Upon searching the dispensary, firearms were located along with marijuana. The District Attorney’s office prosecuted Client for possession of marijuana for sale. Attorneys for Margolin and Lawrence brought a motion to suppress in Van Nuys Courthouse stating that there was no probable cause to authorize a search warrant because Client’s dispensary was lawfully operating under California’s Medical Marijuana law. The Court suppressed all evidence in the case, resulting in the dismissal of the case. All money and firearms were returned the the client.