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Margolin and Lawrence Protects Skate Merchandise Trademark

Margolin and Lawrence helped its client, a skateboarding merchandise manufacturer, reach a favorable monetary settlement with a major drink producer. Has your intellectual property been infringed upon? Margolin and Lawrence can help.

Margolin and Lawrence’s client had been making its products and distributing them to skateboarding outlets and fans. A company ¬†behind a major soft drink identified the product as appealing to its audience. Rather than license the merchandise and brand from its creator, the soft drink maker simply released a copycat product of its own. Margolin and Lawrence made sure its client was quickly and justly compensated for its invention.

Professor v. Cal. State Los Angeles

Professor v. Cal. State

Our client is distinguished white, female professor at Cal. State Los Angeles. In a rare occurrence of reverse discrimination, our client was being paid substantially less than male and ethnic peers in her ethnic studies department. Through rigorous litigation, Margolin & Lawrence was able to negotiate a settlement that would give our client damages equal to her loss wages due to discrimination and allowed her to keep her job.