Discovery Prevents a Strike in Burglary Case

People v. Sorority Burglar (LAX, 2013): Attorney David Poblete subpoenaed a tape of the interrogation of the defendant. Based on the discovery, he convinced the district attorney to drop the charge of a residential burglary that would have been strike. Instead the defendant received a wobbler commercial burglary non-strike. The terms of probation did not include custody.

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Defense Saves Client from 11.5 Years in State Prison

People v. MA (2013, Ventura): Attorney Raza Lawrence assisted by Allison Margolin persuaded a Ventura judge to strike an assault with a deadly weapon charge that occurred less than 5 years after the defendant was convicted on  two charges of heroin possession and one of heroin transportation. The client faced 12 years in state prison; the DA offered  7 years.…

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Entrapment: A Win for a Cocaine Client

People v. B N (2011,Criminal Court Building) Attorney Raza Lawrence obtained a dismissal in a case where the client, another attorney, was charged with three counts of possession for sale of cocaine to an undercover federal agent. Raza argued that the agent, a confidential informant, had entrapped the client by promising her friendship with the Saudi prince in exchange for…

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