MCLE PROVIDER – Medical Marijuana Resources

Our law firm is dedicated to the zealous representation of our clients. Medical Marijuana is a subject near and dear to the hearts of our firm. We have built up years experience of waging a war against the war on drugs. We have instilled these experience in our detailed, fact-based motion practice. To assist medical marijuana attorneys, we will be making the motions available in a motion bank. Click here to view our motion bank.

Our office regularly hosts Minimum Continuing Legal Education sessions for attorneys hoping to increase their knowledge of ever changing medical marijuana jurisprudence. As a verified MCLE provider, the Riverside Public Defenders graciously recorded a recent lecture and are providing it all other attorneys upon request.We will provide our MCLE lecture to any public defender for free and for other attorneys for a small fee. If you are a public defense, please send us an email we will be happy to send our resources to you. All other attorneys use the link below to purchase the MCLE lecture.

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