Very few criminal defense firms actually take their cases to trial. Margolin and Lawrence has developed a reputation of pushing all of our cases to trial if necessary. As a result we have gained acquittals for many of clients. Below you will see but a few of the jury cards find our client’s Not Guilty.

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Professor v. Cal. State Los Angeles

Professor v. Cal. State Our client is distinguished white, female professor at Cal. State Los Angeles. In a rare occurrence of reverse discrimination, our client was being paid substantially less than male and ethnic peers in her ethnic studies department. Through rigorous litigation, Margolin & Lawrence was able to negotiate a settlement that would give our client damages equal to…

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MCLE PROVIDER – Medical Marijuana Resources

Our law firm is dedicated to the zealous representation of our clients. Medical Marijuana is a subject near and dear to the hearts of our firm. We have built up years experience of waging a war against the war on drugs. We have instilled these experience in our detailed, fact-based motion practice. To assist medical marijuana attorneys, we will be…

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