Allison B. Margolin quoted in ABA Journal

On September 1 ,2012, Allison B. Margolin was featured by the American Bar Association: A Dope Niche: With State Law Changes, It’s Pot That’s Hot. Full text reproduced below, original article by G.M. Filisko for the American Bar Association. W. Michael Walz calls himself a pot lawyer. But he doesn’t represent drug dealers—and there’s a difference. “I don’t defend people…

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DEJ for 105 Pills of Oxycodone

People v. Oxy (2012) LAX Client was apprehended mailing Oxycodone through the US mail service. She was pulled over after she had dropped off the package in the mail and was found to be in possession of marijuana and amphetamine. She was subsequently charged with transportation with intent to distribute Oxycodone, possession of controlled substances for sale, and transportation of marijuana.…

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Allison B. Margolin Featured On Anderson Cooper 360 Blog

  Allison Margolin Criminal Defense Attorney Charles Lynch, a dispensary operator from Morro Bay, California, who was indicted and convicted in federal court for activities related to selling marijuana to medical patients, received a sentence last Thursday of a year and a day. John Littrell, Lynch’s attorney, indicated that Lynch received what is known as the “safety valve.” This is…

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