White Collar Crimes

Non-violent acts involving deception, typically known as white collar crimes, are commonly committed by a person of business or a public official. Signs of a white collar crime normally involve a trail of evidence known as a “paper trail,” that investigators use for prosecution of the case.

There are many different types of white collar crimes, and if you have been charged with any of the following you should contact the law office of Allison B. Margolin:


The taking of someone’s property by a person with whom it is entrusted.


Occurs when someone gives or takes a bribe.


Involves taking someone’s property without paying for or returning it.


Also known as blackmail.


This often includes but is not limited to health care fraud and tax fraud.

Price Fixing

An agreement between two parties to set prices for a certain product, thereby violating free market operations.


The extortion of money by force or a pattern of criminal activity committed to further interests of a criminal syndicate.

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